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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Texture and Patterns, Lynn Cohen "Patterns at Starbucks Cafe on Sunday"

These are both patterns I saw in clothing I drew today, while drawing at Starbucks Café.
First his plaid shirt. It was cotton. I am seeing a lot of plaid flannel shirts this season,
in fact I am wearing them myself!
I cropped him out of a larger drawing I did.

She is also cropped out of her group. Being the only one wearing something patterned. She had a  silky looking floral scarf draped over her shoulders. It was a pretty pattern!

This prompt has me looking for patterns this week!
These were done on gray toned paper in a Strathmore spiral art journal, 80# paper,
with Micron ink pen 03, white gel pen, and KOH-I- NOOR watercolors and a
mixture of brands of water soluble colored pencils.


  1. Your Starbucks models never fail to entertain me Lynn :-)

  2. These are awesome and yes plaid is in again...remember the seventies when it was in!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Not sure I ever gave up flannel shirts. They are so warm and yummy.

  3. using the white pen brings your sketches to life! great sketches lynn!

    1. I'm really having fun with the white pens on toned paper!


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