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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Patterns, pineapples, by Elaine (jaguarish)

Pineapples caught my interest about a year ago and they've been on my mind.  I rarely doodle these days (much preferring to draw a real subject) but I do like to screen print T shirts.  With that in mind, I woke up one morning with a clear idea of making a pineapple picture using a pattern of Baroque curlicues.  First I painted the more realistically coloured, yellow/green pineapple on the right, to fix the "normal" look and shape of a pineapple in my head, then went with the curlicues for the left-hand image.

Meanwhile I have a pineapple dish given me by a dear friend who noticed my obsssion and I drew it for one Inktober offering.  On the same page, I played with making up a new pineapple print, and a different pattern (nothing to do with pineapples).


  1. I like all your drawings Elaine - the curly design on the first pineapple works well.

  2. great idea for patterns which reminds me I have a pineapple plate I bought at a thrift store once. Nice job on these.

  3. Delighted by your pineapples. I too am drawn to the curls in blue. All the colors in that print shout to me!


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