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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Patterns & Textures, Colorful Fish, Sandy Hames

First time posting so if I do this wrong just let me know.   I've been meaning to post so finally I'm contributing something.   This was an imaginary fish and the only time I've done a patterned sketch like this.  I enjoyed it and might do more.

This was done with a mix of colored pencil, watercolor pencils and ink.


  1. Hi Sandy, I really love your colourful fish :-)

  2. Welcome Sandy! Your fish is colorful, whimsical and full of patterns! You did everything right as far as I can see. If you'd like to introduce yourself to the group you are welcome to do so.

  3. Sandy welcome! Your fish is absolutely wonderful and creative! Liking all those patterns and colors. keep them coming pls! :)


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