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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trees of all kinds: Critter Christmas Gift Box Tree

I did this for another challenge on another site with the topic of "boxes". (My other "tree" offering was done for this site and also used for the "box" theme, ou know, boxwood tree!- I am involved in a painting a day )
.I am throwing it in here since it is a "tree" of sorts, and just for fun! Kind of expands the topic to absurdity, which is my forte.

 This one photographed in soft focus for some reason. It is brightly colored Mixed media, aceo size (the only size I do), my usual critter theme.

"Critter Christmas Gift Box Tree - Morty Mouse is balanced atop the Christmas Gift Box Tree as Cory Catz and some of Morty's mouse cousins cheer him on. You'll notice that Marvin Maus is exploring the contents of one of the boxes - he always did have difficulty waiting."


  1. The box tree fits well in this theme, after all it is a tree by virtue of the shape and we do stipulate all kinds of tree :-) Love the little story that goes with it Donna.

  2. Your small drawings are so cute and well thought out.


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