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Monday, September 7, 2015

All Kinds of Trees by Sirkka Jalava

It`s gone a long time since I last had a posting here. Now I came to see, what you are doing and saw, that the theme now is all kinds of trees.- I was out last spring and made plein air painting with some others, it was early spring, mars or begin of april, so there were no leafs in the threes yet so they looked like ghosts. You can see that with own eyes.
An an other drawing of trees which already have some green, but the light gets down free.


  1. Your paintings are lovely Sirkka, thanks for sharing them with us :-)

    1. Thanks Ann! Sorry that I have not been active here for a time.

  2. i enjoy your loose paintings sirkka! the purple one is the color from your imagination or are there actual purple trees? they're lovely :)

    1. Thanks Elisa! The purple is more imagination than reality, I have exaggerated the purple tone that is to see in the spring on trees, which are still without leaves. (I hope you understand my explanation!) But as I said, there is the tone of puple anyway.


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