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Monday, September 7, 2015

All Kinds of Trees by Joan Tavolott

Sorry I haven't been around lately but this summer has been pretty busy. I did enjoy looking through the posts of all the trees that have been posted so far. Super job everyone!

I painted this tree back in the beginning of the summer. It is one of two that are along Mill Pond in Setauket. They are giant trees with huge trunks. Some day I will find out what kind they are. It has a lot of personality. 


  1. You've painted a gorgeous tree! Can feel the texture

  2. What a super tree, you captured it so well :-)

  3. Thanks Beverley, CL Christian, and Ann!

  4. Your tree is magnific, Joan! Is it hollow inside or what the brown in the middle is?

  5. Sirkka, I think the limb that was there was cut off or fell off. It is a flat spot so I am thinking that it was cut off. It probably blocked the path along the water too much. Thanks.

  6. Always happy to have you here and am enjoying all of your prompts for our biweekly challenges. Your tree looks old and strong! Wonderful painting.

  7. very beautiful Joan! I like how you painted all the subtle greys. the middle one caught my attention and it brings out the character of this tree. i would like to find out their name too!


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