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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Storm at Sunset" © CL Christian THEME: TREES

When we were staying on Montego Bay, Jamaica a storm blew through at sunset so I painted this palm tree using water colors & mixed media.


  1. This is such a pretty it :-)

    1. Thanks so much Ann! We should ALL meet there sometime and have a painting party...seriously!

  2. Very beautiful I can feel the tropics!

  3. Thanks Lynn...I am glad you can "feel" the tropics...always a little "tension" with a storm & then how magically to have the sunset come on top of it.

  4. Hey, I vote that we ALL should vacation there together sometime! Then we could paint on the beach, and have them bring us fresh drinks. Although I admit while doing sketches I drank ice tea as there was enough partying on the beach later with business friends after the sunset. All the resort workers were amazed that I was the first person on the beach before everyone was up to take photographs. They weren't used to that, lol. This sunset painting was done before the get together with the other businesses.


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