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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Water fountains, by Elaine (jagaurish)

I've previously posted quite a few sketches of watery landscapes here, so rather than repeat myself I thought it would be fun to show a different interpretation on the theme: memorial water fountains.  I've sketched two of them in Brisbane:

Walter Hill Memorial Fountain - located in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and erected in memory of Walter Hill, the first curator of the gardens (the Helidon sandstone, the designer Charles Tiffin, and the builder John Petrie, are also noteworthy, if you're interested in historic architecture in Brisbane)

Mooney Memorial Fountain - located in Brisbane's Central Business District (town centre), originally associated with the firefighter James Mooney and now dedicated to all firefighters who lose their lives fighting fires.  You can see better photos and read more about it here:
and here:

My kids also like to sketch sometimes, and one morning we were all at this fountain in Anzac Square (which is dedicated to the soldiers of Australian & New Zealand):



  1. How fun to have a family sketching expedition. They did an awesome job.
    Happy PPF
    Sandy :)

  2. Fountains certainly fit the theme Elaine, love your drawings. Thanks for adding the information about them too, nice to know a history of where you are. Great that your kids join in sketching, tell them to keep up the good work.

  3. Love your drawings ~ and that your kids enjoy sketching with you ~ that's SO wonderful!

  4. Great fountains by all of you!!!

  5. These are wonderful! I so love the photos of your children holding up their drawings, so proudly. And well they should be! Thanks for sharing so much of your life and area with us.


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