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Friday, May 15, 2015

Water by Joan Tavolott

My sketch group met along the water in Bayport the other night. I can imagine sitting on that little dock, drinking wine, and watching the sun go down.


  1. Hi Joan! What a beautiful scene and I love the sentiment you added too! Now I want to go to the water or ocean. So relaxing. Happy PPF and thank you for visiting me too! Hugs, Rasz

  2. Love this painting Joan, what a gorgeous scene this is and lovely place to paint.

  3. Beautiful tranquil rendition...reminds me of that song Sitting on the Dock of the Bay....really lovely work Joan.

  4. Thanks, Rasz, Ann, and Studio Kaufmann!

  5. definitely a nice and calm piece, it looks great.

    stopping by from sunday sketch, hope you have a lovely day.

  6. Oh, so can I!!! You drew it beautifully and it is so very inviting! On a warm day or evening I can imagine sitting on the dock dangling my feet in the water!


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