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Thursday, April 16, 2015

People on the Train, by Joan Tavolott

I don't have any cafe sketches but I do have people. Today I took a trip into NYC to see the American Watercolor Society Show (which was wonderful). I sketched on the way into the city. This guy was curled up next to the window napping, and only moved when he was asked for his ticket. 


  1. You could not have had a more perfect model!!! So well done!!

  2. Thanks. He was perfect until a woman came and sat next to him blocking my view. LOL I was prepared and had sketched him completely as quick as I could. Then I relaxed and added color and ink.

  3. What a perfect subject Joan....well, until your view was blocked. Just goes to show, when drawing people you have to be quick :-)

  4. LOL I learned that lesson a long time ago! Thanks, Ann!!!

  5. Interesting subject and well done!

  6. I love the fact that you are doing watercolors on your way to see the Watercolor Society Show :) And he was a very cooperating model too!!


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