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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring, Proud Lake area by Rob Kulas

Spring, Proud Lake area by Rob Kulas

Saturday I did a pleinair sketch at the Proud Lake area.
Some of the fallen trees looked to me like creatures walking the shoreline.
It was only 17 degrees, windy but sunny.
I experimented with acrylics and did this fast loose sketch.
I couldn’t use water with the acrylics or to clean my brushes because it would of turned to ice.
It was a fun day with beautiful surroundings.
Just wish it would warm up.

Acrylics on paper.


  1. Wonderful painting Rob. Love the reflections and I can see why you thought these branches looked like creatures on the lake.

  2. Super piece!!! I'm feeling cold just thinking about trying to paint out in that weather.

  3. Such a wonderful depiction of this scene and the cold and the water, etc. I am always wowed by your art Robb. Thanks for posting it here.


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