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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring at Home Depot by Joan Tavolott

Yesterday it was snowing again on Long Island, not a lot but enough to cover the grass and trees with a layer of snow. It was wet and I wanted to go someplace dry to sketch flowers. I figured it would be too crowded in a nursery because of people buying Easter flowers, so I went to Home Depot. Not only did they have Spring flowers, I could see them from the outdoor furniture section of the store.

Maybe it will finally get warm enough here...and dry enough to sit outside on lawn furniture.


  1. Joan that was so clever of you! And the outcome is sheer delight! We came back from a wet cold week in Portland to 91 degree weather at home today. And could easily sit outside on our garden furniture.

  2. That was very inventive, to go to your local shop to sketch the flowers. Great capture Joan.


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