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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The town you grew up in, Bike shop, Ann Hyde

My first bike came from a shop in Rumbridge Street, Totton.  No longer there, but I still remember going there with my dad to collect it.  From what I remember the bike was blue, but instead of a bell I wanted a horn, so I could be different...I was never meant to conform!{{laugh}}

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  1. I so enjoy your style of drawing Ann. And as to your story, I do hope you never conform!

  2. I can imagine you honking your horn as you pedaled along, Ann. Great sketch of the bike shop.

    1. I did just that, lol. Especially one day when a car cut in front of me and I honked at it. The driver didnt realise there was a Police car two cars behind him who saw, and the driver got pulled in. I meanwhile peddled on my merry way home :-)

    2. Great addendum to your story Ann, thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy PPF. Super water colour and great idea too.

  4. Delightful idea! I remember my first bike very well. This is a great sketch with it's own story. Happy PPF


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