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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Town I Grew Up In, the 1964 World's Fair, by Joan Tavolott

When I was 15 the World's Fair was held in NYC a short train ride from where I lived, in Flushing which is part of Queens. My mother let us go there on our own with friends and we went as often as we could get the money for the admission. I was usually with my sister, Fran, who was a year older than me, and often with my brother, Joe, who was a year younger than me. Fran and I were best friends, were in the same school, and had lots of mutual friends. Fran was a bit flirt so a big part of our time at the World's Fair was meeting the young guys who worked there or were visiting like us. I remember so many things from that summer, which also was the summer my oldest sister, Mickey, got married at the age of 19. This is the Unisphere which was in the middle of the park where the fair was held. 49 years later this structure (and a few others) still stands in Flushing Meadow Park and can be seen from the highway as you drive past the park.


  1. Wow Joan, what a great memory to have. The globe is quite an icon, love your drawing showing its size against the people.

  2. Thanks, Ann. A few years ago the NYC Urban Sketchers met there and sketched the remaining buildings from the World's Fair. I was away in Europe and missed it. Glad I got to sketch it now.

  3. I love your memories captured in this wonderful drawing from the World's Fair. How sweet that you siblings were so close!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'm close with all of my siblings, but Fran and I were the closest because we did so much together. She was so much fun and filled with so much joy. She passed away about 12 years ago and it was like a big part of my life went with her.

    2. I hear you Joan, so hard to lose someone you were that close to. I had no sisters, but my best Friend Patty, is that kind of loss to me now. I never imagined I'd miss someone so much. She was always just a phone call away. And when she retired a few years ago we got together again more in person. We ate a lot of hot fudge sundaes.

  4. What a fabulous drawing and such lovely memories.

  5. How wonderful to capture your memories in such a way! Lovely!

  6. Thanks Vonny and Tammie. I've been having fun capturing scenes from my early days. There are just so many locations that are so changed they don't even look anything like what I remember.

  7. Such fun memories, brought back a few of my own,lol. Great sketch!!!


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