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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Town I Grew Up In, Baisley Pond Park by Joan Tavolott

One of the favorite places we went locally in Jamaica as a family was to Baisley Pond Park. As kids we would go and run around the park, fly kites, and fish in the pond. I once caught a small sunfish and we put him in a bucket and took him home. My Uncle Joe (as well as my grandparents) lived with us and Uncle Joe had a big fish tank. He put my fish, which I named Flip-Flop (because that's what he did when I took him off the hook at the pond) and put him in his tank where he proceeded to start eating the other fish. So out he came! We put him in his own bowl and set it on the windowsill. I think the sunshine was just too much for him and he didn't survive. He, like many of our pets, was buried in grandma's garden in the backyard.

Here is my sketch of Baisley Pond Park as it looks today. 


  1. Such a lovely painting of this place Joan. I do love the sharing of memories that this theme is evoking from us all. Flip flop indeed! ;-)

  2. Oh Joan, that is such a sweet story of the fish you caught, at least he had a varied and interesting It looks a lovely park in your drawing :-)

  3. Thanks Lynn and Ann. This has been a fun theme, and I think we all learned a bit about each other.


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