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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Town You Grew Up In, "Napoli Pizza", Lynn Cohen

color added

Thank you Joan for drawing your teenage hangouts! It led me to go on a search for mine and guess what? It's STILL THERE! Too bad I no longer eat bread/cheese/meat or I would go now. This Pizzeria was run by an Italian family who immigrated here, I don't know exactly when, but the son, Carmen, came from Italy and was in my class in school. He worked there too. So did his sister. The pizzas were thick crust, loaded with cheese and thick slices of salami. Or so I remember them. The cokes were in green glass bottles and cold! It was a perfect combination in the day! (1950's)

Here is my quick sketch! Going to see what else I can find before we are done with this theme ... six more days! In the late 50's my dad rented a shop next door to this building for his business (juke boxes and pin ball machines in restaurants and bars) The juke box at Napoli's were undoubtedly his and it's very possible that I typed up the name strips for the records on them.


  1. I love that you added the drawing and then the coloured in sketch as well. Great hashing in the sky :-)

  2. Glad I inspired you to go look for some of your hangouts too. I would love to find more places we hung out but everything I've looked for so far is gone. lol The color made this one really come to life...luckily I still eat pizza (my favorite food).

    1. Thanks Joan. I did add more color than is actually there now, but I do remember it being red and white when I was a kid. Now it is all over cream.


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