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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Town You Grew Up In, Elevated J Train by Joan Tavolott

Growing up in Queens made us pretty comfortable riding the NYC subway to a lot of places. There was the regular "underground" subway but we also had several train lines that were elevated above the ground for all or part of their the elevated J train. I took the J train to high school every day. Some people preferred to take the bus, but the train was faster and I loved being up high and watching all the neighborhoods we traveled through. If you sat in the right car you could see the front and the rear of the train as it went around the big curve. The J train started (or ended) in Jamaica where the streets with all the small stores and department stores were located. Then it went all the way through Brooklyn and into Manhattan. It was a long ride and made all the stops. lol There were much faster trains to get you into the city! 

Part of the "El" as it was called was demolished about 10 years ago...the end that went to Jamaica and all the stores. I think they decided it took up too much room and the space was used to widen the streets and created more parking for shoppers. It doesn't look the same there any more.


  1. Love your drawing of the elevated train Joan. I've seen these on the TV, but never thought of where they travel to and from. How wonderful to have enjoyed travelling to High School on one, I would have chosen the train over the bus too. Glad you added the Location too as it was really useful for me to click on it and see the area :-)

  2. More fun memories. Love the idea of taking he trains entire route to go shopping and/or school! What a trip! LOL
    Your painting of it is colorful and fun to see. And I see the motion too.

  3. Ann thanks.The buses were more crowded too and the drivers didn't always stop to pick up students. They would drive right by them.

    Lynn, this is a fun theme...just wish I had more time to sketch scenes.


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