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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Town You Grew Up In, "The Little Library", Lynn Cohen

This library was literally just a half a mile up the same street where I grew up! I went with my mom as a little girl and later with friends and on my own. It was a very small house. The tennis courts where I took tennis lessons in the summer were just across the street! The high school is just half a block down the street, the junior high school one more block down the same street and then my house where I grew up!


  1. What a unique place to have been a library, it's so cute. Did you do this from memory Lynn, or find it on street view?

    1. I found it through Street View, Ann. I was looking for my high School, but it looks so different now I drew this instead. It was darker then, but the same structure. I think it was grey originally.

  2. Nice look to the library sketch!! It was so nice back then to be able to walk pretty much everywhere you wanted to go. I miss living in a "town."

    1. Yes, when I was a kid we either walked or ride our bikes everywhere!


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