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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fruit, Tomatoes, Ann Hyde

This really is classed as a Fruit.....a Tomatoe!  

Paint My Photo - courtesy of Irini Adler

 I took photos of the stages of drawing this....

Step 1 - Pencil outline

 Step 2 - Adding colour

 waited for the paint to dry and then

Step 3 - Added more colour to the Red tomatoes, to make them show up as
the focal point

then when that had dried....

Step 4 - outline with Safari Al-Star pen,
adding a dot of White Gouche to the red tomatoes to 
make them shine


  1. Thanks for showing your stages to painting this. Nicely done!

  2. Nice tomatoes, Ann! It is so interesting to see the stages when you are painting. Often we dont remember to take a photo on the different stages.

    1. Thanks Sirkka, I had to keep remembering to take the pics actually, nearly missed one as it was, just remembered in time! Lol.

  3. Fun to see all these steps, thanks for sharing. Pretty outcome.


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