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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fruit, Pineapple in Window, Ann Hyde

I know, the title is Pineapple in Window thanks to Paint My Photo, but in this painting I opted to not add the Window.   (remember, check out the sidebar for link to reference photos for free).


1.  No pencil first
2.  Drew in the outline with my Lamy Al-star
3.  Added darker outlines and shading with my Sailor Calligraphy pen
4.  Used clear water to spread the ink
5.  Added green to the top: ultramarine blue+cad. yellow
6.  Added to the pineapple itself with: burnt sienna+cad. yellow
7.  When the shaded side on the left had dried a little I added more pen to define


  1. Your painting is superb. Especially I love your choice of colours. Very natural work, great.

  2. Thanks for the step by step instructions. I always like to see how an artist developed their work.

    1. I'm the same Penny, when artists explain things it's fascinating, so this was my version ;)

  3. Love the washy ink look to this. Nice!!

    1. Thanks Joan.....the pen I used doesn't have permanent ink, so as soon as the watercolour/water touches it then the ink runs, which can be a good thing in many ways. Sometimes these things work in our favour don't they.


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