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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fruit, Fig branches in vase, by Elaine (jaguarish)

I went back to Flower Market Expresso yesterday, seeking a haven from the summer heat. As soon as I came in, Jess asked me if I were still doing still life. When I said I was supposed to be doing fruit, she offered to put some fig branches in a vase for me -- how awesome is that?

Then my meal was placed in front of me and I thought it so pretty that I had to sketch it.  Unfortunately that used up all the time that I had, so all I had was the fig branches in the background behind my meal!  Today I went back again hoping the fig branches would still be there, and luckily they were.

Yesterday's lunch
Fig branches in vase


  1. Gorgeous work! I love the one with figs ♥

  2. Both great subjects Elaine....I like the fig branches too and how you added the dark greens to the leaves.

  3. Elaine, the one with the fig branches alone is lovely. I like your still life of your meal and the fig branches too.


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