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Monday, September 1, 2014

Tree house, Flowers and trees and garden, by Elaine (jaguarish)

You might think, what is the strange fruit in this tree?  It's my kids, enjoying a ramshackle "tree house" in our local neighbourhood.

Sometimes we walk from our house down to the local library (yes, we are very lucky!)  We see this "tree house" about halfway along.  It's on the public footpath, but has been constructed by the home owner nearby.  It's just a few boards nailed in, a ladder, and a rope and pulley arrangement (colloquially called a "flying fox") by which the kids can zoom across to the next tree.  There used to be a padded small mattress on the upper "deck" but it's gone now.  Not until today, while sketching, did i notice that the tree and boards had also been very haphazardly sprayed with white paint in graffiti-like patterns, and a few splashes of fluorescent orange.  The tree house is different every time we visit it -- I wonder what it will be like next time?


  1. Kids build tree houses all over the world! It is nice to see how they are looking by you in the neighbourhood!

  2. I use to love my tree house that my brother built for me, they bring back so many wonderful memories! This is great!

  3. What a fun scene! I would love to climb up there and play! I remember the 'fort' we made in a hole in the ground in an empty lot near our house growing up. We'd take a blanket, a box of chips, and coloring books there to "hide out" and play all day! Thanks from me too for the memories! Love the drawing, especially the ladder!

  4. I would have loved to have had a tree house as a kid :-)

  5. Tree houses always have a certain charm to them. Glad the kids enjoy climbing it. Nice sketch!!

  6. So glad you are all getting such happy memories from this! I used to long for a tree house when I was a kid, but the closest I ever got was to hide within a weeping willow. :)


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