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Friday, September 5, 2014

Flowers, Small Watercolours, Maggie Latham

Six small watercolours.

Bad photo (sorry) but I matted and bagged them before I took photos. Actual paintings are small 3x5 inches or a little larger. Fun working on six one after the other yesterday.  All from memory, not photos, and straight in with watercolour, no sketching first.


  1. I think your watercolours are great, Maggie!

  2. Sirkka, thank you.....I am enjoying the work on this blog.

  3. Maggie, your work always looks so fresh and light. Beauties!

    1. Joan, I always envy the way you paint on location...wish I could get to grips with that. I really tried to leave these alone after the initial colours were down....difficult when using watercolour......So glad I found this blog from a link on your blog.

  4. Your ability to get such a beautiful effective flower from a few splashes of paint is stunning to me.

  5. Lynn, your comment and encouragement has made my day. I'm not big into painting florals, but enjoy it very much when I try. I have found that a limited palette, good quality tube paints paints and good watercolour paper helps to keep it all clean. That and clean water!

  6. These really appeal to me. Very nice.


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