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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Flowers and trees, by Anya (Elaine's daughter)

Anya was thrilled to hear that this is the new theme, as she was wanting to suggest exactly this!  Flowers and plants are her favourite things to draw.  She's asked me to submit a bunch of sketches from her sketchbook, so I made them into a composite image.  The flowers in the upper left corner were drawn fresh for this theme, yesterday.


  1. Well done Anya, I love all these paintings. Keep them coming, we love to see your work here :-)

  2. Lovely paintings Anya, you are really a beginning artist!

  3. Welcome Anya! I love that you draw and post so much. Great energy in these drawings. I look forward to seeing more from you too!

  4. Lovely sketches, it's so fun to see an inspiring artists' work!

  5. Anya, your trees and flowers are very pretty! They really made me smile!


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