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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everyday Life, Garden tools, by Sirkka Jalava

I have taken idea to this from Carol Ann, thanks for it! The faces are taken my time now in september so much, that I do not manage to think over other events. Therefore I am so greatful and happy, when I can present you my garden tools I have sketched this summer.
 And these
They are my most usefulla garden tools. Now when the autumn is coming, I can soon set them away and take out the snowfloat and -shovel. But not yet, I hope not in several months.


  1. It is lovely to see your garden tools Sirkka. I know what you mean, Carol Ann has set a good idea here, after all, these items are an Everyday part of life in the Summer for sure. On a personal note, our wheelbarrow has a flat tyre...doesn't that always happen when you need to use it!! lol....we have resolved this issue though and bought a tyre that does not deflate...yay! no more tyre flat :-)

    1. It is so true, Ann, that we need these things often in summertime. And the tyre is flat mostly, too! You have resolved the problem for good, I have resolved it so, that I take the pump with when I go to wheelbarrow and pump, every time!

  2. Oh that is a good idea. When you think of all the tools we use in the yard or for garden.. You hit it right on Sikka. Very well done. Your wheelbarrow is really nice too..

    1. Thank you sparkle, Carol Ann. Now our tools can be proud, while they have been presented in our blog!

  3. I've always had an affinity for wheel barrels for some reason. I like your red one standing up. Brings me happy memories when I was an avid gardener!

  4. Lynn, wheel barrels are our best friends and helps in the work:) Thanks for taking time on your journey here in Europa!


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