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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life Events Carol Ann

My  painting I have done  is  two large trees as you see. In-between them is smaller but thinner in height of   growing , clomps of smaller bushes and grass.
Sky of light blue peeking in back.  Then the two trees forward have allot going on.

 Different colors in them. Brown, brown, green. Some black.

Then I seen three  fresh looking mushrooms attached to the huge tree to right. Now some people call them Fungus.

I am not sure what they are called. In plain language to me. Mushrooms alike the ones that grow on the ground..

There is never and end with our eyes. Be it nature or taking pictures in the house, still pictures.

It is all inspiring. It is the challenge to sketch, water-paint that gives us all a rush of excitement to share here.

Thank you  for your comments. Much appreciated.

I used water color pencils for my  entry by  Artist's Loft


  1. Very good drawing Carol Ann. You captured the trees and the distance here. I would call these fungus on the tree, but not sure what variety they are.

  2. We can see sp much wonderful things in our millieu, good, that you have sketched something of, your trees and mushrooms look exciting.

  3. I especially like the lines on the tree on the left! Nice colors.


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