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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Recent Life event, Lynn Cohen


  1. Wow Lynn you have good eyes that far to draw. Oh very nice.Love that brick work you did..

  2. Great sketch. I love all the detail. And yes that's quite aways for sketching all,that detail

  3. You drew while standing impresses the heck out of me!! Great job!

  4. This is great to see sketching en plain air. Love it.

  5. Sofort erkannt - die Saalburg! Das ist nicht weit von mir. I identified the "Saalburg" at once. It isn't so far from where I live: Frankfurt - West, near the "Taunus". Good drawing!
    LG - Elke

  6. Thanks all. I so enjoyed drawing this entrance to the fortress. And I've had several more standing drawing adventures since.


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