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Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Selfies" Lynn Cohen

Time for our new theme change: Arnoldo L. Romero suggested the theme of SELFIES!
I am excited to see what you all come up with!

I did a lot of selfies in Sketchbook Skool. I think they are great fun. Mine all look different and not sure any of them look just like me, but each has something! I hope you will enjoy this exciting challenge given us by Arnoldo L. Romero.

And if anyone is interested and would like to draw each other we could set up an album of photos to draw from. Add you photo and then choose another bloggers photo to draw! Perhaps AFTER you do at least ONE SELFIE!!!

I haven't figured out how to set up an album yet, so I will add a photo of myself here. You are welcome to draw me AFTER you draw at least ONE SELFIE! Then if you like put your photo on your post and others can draw you as well as their own selfies! (Optional of course)


  1. You're always so good at drawing selfies and other people Lynn. I haven't figured out the Album option, but I like your suggestion of drawing other people as well as ourselves. I'm off to do a drawing now :-)

    1. Love your selfies, both, perhaps a bit more the coloured version!

  2. Love your selfies and how you shared them without and then with color. I like the idea of the album to draw each other. That would be fun.

  3. Thanks Joan! And if you've any idea how to create such an album here do let me know! I can't seem to find a blogger gadget to do this!

  4. Hi, Lynn, I think you could make a blog post with all the photos in it and post a link to that. Might work. Contour drawing always frustrates me. I prefer to go for the realism, but you did a great job. Although, you are much more attractive than your selfie!

  5. Was thinking of some future ideas.....favorite shoes... snap shot of your


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