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Friday, August 15, 2014

Journal page from Anya, Cups and Mugs, Anya (Elaine's daughter)

Sorry to come in late with this, but my daughter Anya (age 9) asked me to add her contribution for the "Cups and Mugs" theme.  I thought you would enjoy seeing this page -- she has become so confident in her drawing and journalling!  The cup shown is my everyday mug for my morning espresso.


  1. Please tell your sweet daughter that I adore her art and am so happy you posted it here for her and for us to see. I love encouraging young children to draw. I give both my soon to be 10 year old twin grand children art journals, paints and pens at every opportunity. And they do draw and draw and draw!

  2. Love it and she is on her way to art journaling! Please tell her that I enjoyed looking at her drawing very much and that she did a fabulous job!

  3. Anya says: Thank you for commenting -- you're very kind to comment -- I like people encouraging me -- it's very motivating. I enjoy participating in this blog very much!


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