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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wildlife, Animal Prints by Joan Tavolott

I hope animal prints are OK to show here. I am still up in Maine and haven't sketched any animals since I've been gone so I am resorting to using things I've done in the past.

Last year one of the art associations I belong to had one of the members demo doing gyotaku, which is Japanese fish prints. Ink or acrylic paint is rolled onto the fish or other object (in this case we used a fresh fish and a rubber frog), paper is placed on top of the fish, and you rub the paper to get an imprint. It was a lot of fun, but rather messy. After Chris did the demo we were all able to create our own gyotaku. Here are mine.


  1. Lovely prints, Joan. Didn't the fish get smelly though? Wondering.

  2. Ann - Thanks.

    Carol Ann - Thank you!

    Lynn - I guess the fish would smell after a while, but it didn't when we were working with it. Thanks.

  3. I'm glad you said it was a rubber frog, I was getting a bit worried about it being inked up and squished! :D

  4. Great! Fascinating process. What fun!


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