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Monday, July 21, 2014

Drawing from Life, Wild Life, Lynn Cohen

This may be a repeat posted photo from me, but I want to stress the wonderfulness
of drawing animals from life and not just from photos. I want to encourage this. It's also a nice exercise to go to a Natural Science museum where you can draw the once live stuffed animals, as they are more life like than what you see in a flat photograph. So merely a suggestion! Perhaps there is a zoo near you, or you have a pet to draw at home, or your neighbor has an exotic bird? Or you live in the wilds of Africa? Try to find WILDLIFE to draw LIVE if you can. But if not, your imagination and photos are still okay too.

This is our cat, Henry V eating lunch.


  1. Lynne great if your that experienced person and besides any zoo people on lookers are neck to neck or kid to kid.

    I can just see a beginner doing what your suggested. Trying to draw a live animal. Really??? Sigh!

    . I think because you have art under your belt for so long. You need to realize. What you have suggested is not a easy task.

    And as far as friends who have wild gritters of the wild. Another big task. Gosh don't chase us away by saying( live or even stuffed. To go to a museum it is not free to get in. anymore. Everything has a big price.

    Ann is a little easy with us I am not trying to be bold here. To me that is a big step of new comers. I guess I might be a new comer only. Don't throw out the book idea for us. Ann suggested we could use a book to draw. So I am sticking with Ann's ideas.

  2. Sparkle, it is merely a suggestion not a have to. Please re-read what I wrote, as I am very clear about that. But even so I do want to encourage everyone, even beginners to draw from life. I have only been drawing for three years, this is my third year. So 2 1/2 years. And I am learning by practicing. My cat has been my model and he rarely sits still for long. So if I get a few lines of contour drawing of him and then fill in the rest from memory that works well. But we only learn by practicing. So again, I am going to encourage even beginners to practice drawing from life. That does not mean you cannot continue to draw from photos. And your drawings from your imagination are quite wonderful too. I enjoy them very much. So keep drawing! And do not be intimidated by my suggestions, as they are only suggestions, not have tos. :)

  3. Oh I read that part you mentioned. I was glad to see another gal who drew from a book. The butterfly she did so that was a pleasure to see.

    I said if you read mine. I quoted I don't mean to be rude, Oh that explains better. The cat of yours moves and then you get lines for memory. That is understandable. As animals do not stay too still. If you have them on your lap most like that and snooze to land. Thank you for your kind comments. I will take that as a compliment. I am so far a newbie the rest are more experienced I see. I am not incriminated just was sort of a shock as what you wrote Live. I took a gulp. Ann encouraged a magazine page, a book. All in fun. I am Carol Ann. That Sparkle I cannot remove it. It is permanent. That is why I have my name Carol Ann Posted.


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