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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fox behind the brush

I was more into trying to use my  dry  pencils and my wet brush to make out it was a bush or weeds in front

of him or her.  I did not concentrate on the left side of the Fox's  face.  I did it like in five minutes the fox  .

My colors were giving me some trouble. I guess I was a bit tired. I had done a Birthday card and another

  theme for my Imagination blog entry.  . So then one is really not doing her best.

Yet I still wanted to enter it. The bad, good, the ugly.

Then I dabbled around with the so called grass supposedly he is behind. .

I found a picture in a old magazine.  So bare with me. My version.

I should be a wee bit better as time goes on.  Once i get the feel of the new dry pencils in my hand.


  1. Cute fox! I admire that you sketch from your imagination. I have to see what I'm sketching. Your constant practice is paying off.

  2. I like how you did him! He has a great expression and he looks really wild, there behind the grass.

  3. I'm hiding behind a huge tree watching this fox! He looks so real!


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