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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buildings around the world, Ilfracombe Museum, Ann Hyde

Here's a watercolour of the museum in our local town.  It was at one time the laundry for a massive Hotel (long gone now), but opened as a museum around 1932.

(I have put the Location in the footer if you
would like to see it via street view -
just use the pegman over the red exclamation
and after it zooms in, just turn around- you'll find it)


  1. I'm glad they used the building for something good. Nice sketch of it. It is fun to see the actual view too.

  2. Thanks Joan, it's a lovely little building. Glad I added the Location, it's nice for folks to see the place and also means they can have a little wander around via street view. I hope more contributors here will use this facility....I see you use it Joan and it's so useful.

  3. Lovely sketch of the museum, Ann. I have not (yet) looked at the street view.

    1. Thanks Sirkka. Do hope you will check out the street view...the Location tab is so useful.


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