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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Buildings Around the World, By the Water by Joan Tavolott

My sketch group goes out on Wednesday evenings to sketch a local scene. Tonight we sketched down  by the water along one of the canals in Sayville. Both buildings are part of the ferry terminals that provide service to the Fire Island communities. We sketched while a storm was heading to the area. We had some dark clouds which moved away, some thunder, and a bit of lightning off in the distance.
Plus a lot of mosquitoes tonight. lol


  1. Beautiful Joan - I love the whole painting, but especially the reflections in the water - superb!

  2. This is a lovely scene and painting Joan....looks so tranquil.

  3. Wonderful, Joan! you have captured especially the water so fine. lovely work!

  4. Thanks Elaine, Ann, and Sirkka. It was a good evening for painting, but my bug bites are still very itchy.LOL

  5. Very beautiful. Look at those tall cattails! I can feel the atmosphere, and I love the intricacy of the water.

  6. Thanks Margaret! We have many spots like this here.

  7. I am afraid I will have to pass doing any of what I see here. I am just a beginner and honest. I would not even begin to start. So this theme I am passing. Very beautiful and well done.

  8. Its a wonderful painting Joan. mosquitoes and all. :)


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