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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treasures and Mementos, Doll, Jez Eden

I have a couple of boxes in the cupboard where I have kept  little treasures and mementos, mostly things Carol and Zoë have made or drawn, followed by similar items from the four grand-children.  Not everything, just those special things that mean most.

This is a sketch I made last year and posting because I haven't sketched anything else.  Carol made this tiny doll at school in 1963 when she was four.

I looked forward to this theme because I had suggested it.
But I have decided that at the moment everything
is getting too much, especially as on top of
my yet-unsolved health problems
something serious seems to be happening with my dearest Dev.

Added to all this, Carol died a year ago on 23 June
and we are all finding June very difficult.

Sorry to be so downbeat
but I wanted to explain why, for a while at least,
I shall be 'taking a break' from blogging,
though I hope to keep viewing and commenting.



  1. The doll is so sweet. She is in such good shape!!! Jez, I am so sorry that this is such a difficult time for you. I hope that both you and Dev have a turn around health wise and that family and friends make you feel a bit better. I hope looking at our art will help brighten your days. Hugs!!!

  2. Thank you Joan, and the hugs are much appreciated.

  3. Dear Jez, I am ever so sorry you are having a hard time of it right now. I am sad for your family, as this is a time of grief, at the anniversary of your daughter's death. I send hugs and more hugs to try and comfort you. I do hope Devs' health issues can be helped and he will be okay. I will keep him in my thoughts and heart. And you too with your own health problems not yet resolved. A hard time for sure and I can appreciate your need to pull back right now. But know you are a valued member of this little art community and the door is open to you always. I'm glad to know you'll be peeking in on occasion. I love this little doll you drew made by your dear Carol. A sweet memory holder. More hugs Jez. Love and hugs!

  4. Jez, I am so sorry it is such a hard time for you. I will be thinking of you. <3

  5. I just got home from out of town. I am so sorry to hear all this Jez on your blog here I am reading. Oh my dear lady and Devs not well. Oh and I wont go on. You basically have said it all my new friend I consider you. You have been a help for me as you encourage me . I went to get some more colors to add to the other pencils you had mailed me. They were stocking them but It would be days in the store. So I ended up with another type same method before I came back home. I was happy. My continued prayers for you and your family. Yes a sweet memory holder your daughter did. (The dolly)

    You are a valued member for sure. Hugs Jez from my hubby Sid and I.

  6. its my bealif that the thoughts, the good wishes of the people and the prayers go to some place, I hope you can reach them in this time of need. the best for you and your husband in this difficult moment.
    Im sure youll overcome this moment.

  7. Jez, really I am thinking on you and your husband! I send hugs and thoughts to you wishing you both soon recovering. All the best for you!


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