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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Treasures and Mementos Theme Carol Ann

When I was like six. I loved to fish at the dock when I was not in

 my dads boat with Mom and dad fishing.

So my memories are special  as a child fishing. I was a real Tom girl. 

Age 6 here my sketch.


  1. You look so cute standing on the dock!

  2. I like how you've represented this memory, Carol Ann. I think there's something special about a drawn memory.

  3. I'm such a worrying grandma. All I can see is there are no guard rails around you and I am worrying you will fall in the water. Great realistic drawing! Sweet memory for you!

  4. You had really strength giving activities in you childhood, Carol Ann! I loved too fishing when I was kid, I sat in a boat angling perches.

  5. I learned to swim fast. A bully threw me in and I nearly drowned but an older girl at cottage taught me to swim and I then swam half way across Rice Lake at twelve. The boys had girls had a row boat beside me. To this day. I love to swim underwater. Don't worry Joan I have survived allot of bumps in my life. I was the one who sat in the car with my two sons when they had to learn to drive. If that was not scary.
    I had no control break like the teachers had.


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