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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Treasures and Mementos, Abstract Art Treasure, Penny StewArt

Just a reminder that if you have not signed up on my blog to win a free abstract, please do so before July 1.  I don't seem to have any treasured items.  I guess all of my artwork is a treasure to me.  I have narrowed down my possessions to art supplies and kitchen stuff.  I live in one room, so not much room.   I will see if I can come up with something better.  Right now I am doing abstracts and rainbow kitties, still painting, drawing, and playing with color, but not having many treasures or mementos to paint.  Penny Paints, Penny Lee StewArt aka Win a FREE ACEO Abstract Painting PPF


  1. I am the same Penny. I have been over to my other sites doing photographs and graphics themes. . In between watching soccer with hubby, Drs appointments. I guess I will be scarce in summer. We go away to daughters and family on and off. When your a Canadian. The summer months are short. I do my own art so I have too much really to sign up for your to win a freebie. . My one daughter in-law paints. My oldest son is an artist. I have his pictures. I have a cataract so I am behind doing causes me a red ye strain. If it does not rain it pours. So I try to come in and comment others themes. I entered some T. Themes but not all go on like Joan or Ann or Lynn are.

    1. Sparkle, Carol Ann, I'm glad you are here as much as you are! I too am otherwise busy now with Sketch book Skool. I hope I am here enough to keep this blog going as I love what we are doing here. But we understand that everyone has lives outside of blogging so hop in when you can. Penny your abstract is beautiful. I would love to win it. Right now I am cooking dinner and running back and forth not to burn things and to get this written. Such is life!

  2. Thanks Sparkle! LOL. I don't know your real name, but nice to meet you. I have way too much art also, which is why I try to give some of it away from time to time to people who might really want it. I live in such a small place that I have no room for more art. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Penny

  3. These are so pretty Penny! I did go to your blog to see them all.


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