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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Music & Musicians - "Radney Foster" by Arnoldo L. Romero

Howdy!  One of Del Rio, Texas's native celebrities is Radney Foster, a singer, songwriter, and music producer.  His songs are sought over and have become hits by superstars such as Keith Urban ("Raining on Sunday" and "I'm in"), Sara Evans ("Real Fine Place" and "Revival"), and the Dixie Chicks ("Godspeed").  My family and I have had the pleasure to meet him and listen to him in concert several times, and are honored to say that his mother is one of our family's best friends.  I used a photograph I took of him during one of the concerts we attended as reference for my semi-stylized pen drawing.

© Arnoldo L. Romero


  1. Very nice, Arnoldo! You've done his posture so well, and his little smile as he plays his guitar. How cool that you got to meet him!

  2. You did a great job capturing his stance. Nice work!

  3. You have drawn him so good, Arnoldo! And you are friends with him and his mother in the family. I can imagine the concerts were enjoyable for you!


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