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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Music and musicians, Heavy metal concert, Sirkka Jalava

IRON MAIDEN had a concert here for years ago and I was there! (I could not let my youngest son go there alone with his friend.) It was an experience I`ll not forget: 40 000 people, crowd of people, loud music, food, the preasure in front of the scene,  people who pass out, nurses. But also good feeling of the music, people were friendly, calm, cool. All was very good organized, nowhere long queues, beautiful park miljeue, beach, big boats. The trafic to and from the place was good.

I have only sketched three of them, the rest you can imagine. It was action the whole time.
I am still glad that I went to hear them.
By the way, next day we met them on the airport and my son got their signatures, from all of them.


  1. Your sketch has a lot of energy. I would have to bring earplugs. lol Nice job!

    1. Thank you, Joan! Absolutly you must have earplugs! You could get them at the place, if you had forgotten! As I said, it was good organized,

  2. Sirkka, I cannot tell you how cool I think it is that you went to an Iron Maiden concert. I think it is so cool! And I love this painting. I love how you've used the watercolor to convey the energy of the experience.

    1. Margaret, I think also that it was so cool of me to go there!! And after that I have one less (bad) prejudices. It was good to remember this again. Thank you, Margaret!

  3. You did an amazing job capturing the energy of a rock concert. It must have been a real thrill for your son to meet the band members too. Blessings!

  4. Thank you, Arnoldo! You can imagine it was a thrill to meet them, they were big idols for him.


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