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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Music and Musicianas, Cast of "Once" by Joan Tavolott

I'm reaching back a bit for this sketch. Last year my husband and I went to see the Broadway show "Once." Before the show starts and as the audience comes in and gets seated the characters in the show informally sing on stage. I brought along my sketchbook that day to do some sketching in the city and figured I would sketch the performers on the stage.


  1. A beautiful sketch you did Joan. That was a great opportunity for you .

  2. Oh wow, Joan, this is a great scene you've done. You really have a way of getting a lot of action into a sketch, and it still makes sense and is so pleasing! And I love all the different places you sketch. You are an inspiration.

  3. You can really catch "the moment" in your sketches, Joan! This is a great scene and you catched the opportunity to draw it! I would wish to have the same purposefulnes you have.

  4. Thanks Carol Ann! I couldn't resist.

    Margaret, thanks. Luckily we got there early.

    Sirkka, thank you. I was laughing when they announced "no photography" since they didn't say anything about sketching. LOL


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