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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Music and Musicians, Street Performer by Joan Tavolott

This sketch was done from another photo I took in Galway, Ireland last year.
This musician was standing in front of a department store playing and selling his CDs...of course we bought one of them.


  1. Joan, I love how you guys really enjoyed the music in Ireland! This is another great portrait. Love the hands.

  2. Joan, you listened to many music evenemang in Irland. And it is no wonder, the Irish music is beautiful. As well as your sketch again from there. You have captured him so good.

  3. Love the story behind your photo and painting, and that you own one of his cd's is lovely :)

  4. Another great memory of your holiday in Ireland. Two-fold actually, not only your painting, but also the CD you bought.

  5. Thanks Margaret, Sirkka, Jan, and Ann. We were there for a month so we went out to hear music quite a bit. If a singer is good and is selling a CD my husband always buys one (or two). lol

  6. This is wonderful! I'm glad you supported his music by purchasing a CD too. Blessings!


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