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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music And Musicians Theme Carol Ann

I decided to do this theme as two small   girls sitting beside each other 

against a huge tree. They decided to put the guitar down and sing something.

They have been   buddies .

Ink pens and pencil markings I have done.. 

 Going back in time to bows in the hair  and 

belted buckled dress's.   A summers day. 


  1. Very sweet! I was fascinated on a recent stop to look at the gorge in Oregon a few days ago. Some Japanese tourists were looking too and a lovely young woman perhaps in her twenties had a huge fat fabric bow that sat in the top of her head attached to a headband. I'd never seen anything like it and couldn't take my eyes off it, definitely a throw back to those little girl bows you drew here.

  2. I love your sketch here, and I think you improve with every piece you post. This is very pretty, and I like the way you have managed to capture that difficult kneeling pose. The grass is very good - as the saying goes, 'less is more'. Well done.
    Strangely enough I have just been drawing a piece I hope to post tomorrow of my younger daughter when she was 5, and yes, she has lovely big bows in her hair. There is something special about tying bows in your daughter's hair, a closeness - except when one pulled a little too hard.

  3. Sweet sketch of the girls in their outfits and bows in their hair. I wonder what they would have been playing...

  4. Yes, how neat that we both did guitars at the same time! This is very nice Carol Ann, I love how you've done the little guitar, and the big tree, and the two girls with their matching outfits.


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