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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music & Musicians, a musical corner by Margaret Coote

Here is a corner you may have seen before - I painted it from a different angle, a little while ago. I thought it looked nice with my table and painting things in the foreground, music stand (I'm practicing the viola part for the string quartet by Ravel), and the guitar in the chair. So I drew it again today.

This guitar, by the way, which made the trip with me from California to Rochester, is apparently on its way out. I took it to a guitar repair-person who said it was all dried out and would soon "fold up like a taco" because the top is detached from the sides. Sad, but this is one hardy, beautiful instrument. I swear it has the sea air still in it. 


  1. Oh very nice Margaret your sketch. Minds do think alike. The guitar. I just finished a second too and posted.

    My first guitar has long gone so nice to see yours is till here.

  2. Oh sad indeed! But your drawing of the scene invites me in to look at all the details and I will again!

  3. A lovely sketch Margaret, with a feeling of 'home' to it, and nice to include the art materials on the table. Gives a real feeling of what makes you happy.

  4. Lovely sketch of your music corner. How sad that it will "fold up like a taco." What a picture that paints in my mind. Sad that it can't be repaired, but I can just imagine the amount of music that was played on it.

  5. Thanks everyone! There may be a sketch of a new guitar soon, who knows? :)


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