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Monday, June 2, 2014

Music And Musicians Theme Carol Ann

Instruments , musicians, lights behind her  and my Granddaughter on stage.

There was a drummer on stage in an enclosed  cubical for sound booth for to protect audience ears. Once can still hear him.  I was not experienced to do  him so I left him out. The
camera lady was there on bottom  and some kind of thing beside her.
I just sketched today . I enclosed a picture of her the best I could . She sings with expression and feelings. She closes  her eyes and she does stretch out her hand. out.  So  I have also taken this last picture I did to copy in my own version of her.

This is the picture I did of her  but she had so much things on stage and I also  changed the Musicians
hair and  standing to make it more like mine I did.  

So this is what I did to-day  Monday..

I put picture of her on stage . I did change her hair to bangs this time . She has so many styles anyhow. I think that it is not that important.  She has wavy  hair but most times she goes to straight like this. She has a sweet voice. Clear and she changes her tones in her voice.  

Maybe I can be a back up singer  with her. You think. 


  1. Lovely sketch Carol Ann. You must be very proud of your grand-daughter.

  2. Your grand-daughter looks lovely...too bad we can't hear her singing. You did a great job on her and all the musician!

  3. Wow, Carol Ann, she looks like a star! I like how you interpreted the photo into your own drawing.

  4. You have created a great sketch here, Carol, of a very difficult subject. What I like best about it is that your own personal style is now showing through and can be recognised as "Carol's".
    No wonder you are so proud of your grand-daughter, she is beautiful and is clearly very talented as a singer.


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