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Monday, June 2, 2014

Music and Musicians, Sparky, Jez Eden

Music is so much part of people's lives these days, almost from birth.  When I was a child the songs we sang at school were sea shanties (lived in a naval port), and hymns - that was it and the only radio programme we listened to was children's hour.  (The record player I have drawn previously didn't actually have any records with it!)

Sparky, Pitt Pen and Coloured Pencils - Jez
When I was 12 there was a programme on the radio at lunch times called 'Forces Favourites' where people wrote in with requests for very varied types of music for their loved ones in the army, still stationed in Germany for a few years after the war - and the soldiers requested music for family at home.

One day we heard this marvellous new record of Sparky and his Magic Piano on the programme and it was so popular it was repeated almost every week.  If you do remember it, there were 8 pieces of classical piano music played by the magic piano, and four of them were Chopin pieces.

That was when I fell in love.  I can remember the actual words that went through my mind as I heard the Chopin pieces:  "You mean people can listen to beautiful music like this?"  I had never heard anything like it, and to this day Chopin is still so magical for me and I thank whoever wrote and recorded that record (or probably a series of records) for introducing me to music.


  1. Jez, cute sketch! Music is everywhere in our our own soundtrack. You hear a song or a piece of music and it takes you back to that moment. It invigorates, soothes, heals and makes us whole.

  2. O never heard of Sparky. I love music also. I play music on he piano by ear. My Mom was English and war time songs were her thing.
    So by ear I would play every night. All the songs for her. I took lessons after but the teacher said. I wanted to do my own version of song.
    So that never lasted. My one son did the same his version. I guess we are a stubborn breed. My grandchildren they all took lessons guitar, piano, drums and my eldest Granddaughter sings, plays piano and records, does functions when asked for Cancer. She is going to be a teacher and is going to University. So her music has been a help and she is going to be a French teacher. They succeeded well with notes. I am proud of all of them. Yes music is lovely.Your sketch is sweet.

  3. I love hearing about Sparky and the magic piano! Your piano is writhing with personality! I feel like it's about to run off the stage :) Love Sparky's hair and ears.

    Chopin…yes. Magical. You described how I felt when I first heard Chopin too, perfectly. "People can listen to music like this?"

  4. Wonderful story and imagination around the piano. I feel like listening to some Chopin now!


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