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Monday, June 2, 2014

Music and Musicans, elder by Beo

Hi to everyone of you! Some of you know me and some don't. I'm Beo and I love art journaling.
Painting in my journal is wonderful - I can do what I want to do. And I don't have to draw.... But I want to draw although my inner critic tells me day by day that I can't... Here in this challange I have to draw and I hope to be stronger than my inner critic...

This picture is the elder in front of my window. I love him and I asked myself what kind of music it would do, what instrument it would play.... I watched it for some time and then I was sure he/it would like to drum, to play the conga.

Ciao BEo

In case I did something wrong: Please tell me! English isn't my mothertongue...


  1. Wonderful! I love the values and color in this painting - and the "hidden"face and congo are fun! Happy PPF!

  2. Welcome Beo...This shows a lot of imagination, well done, it's a lovely piece.

    To help as you are new here. Remember to add Labels ( in the right hand side bar when you prepare your Post). Labels help as you, and others, can click on your name and it will take you to all your posts here in one go. Check out the Side-bar on the blog here for help.

  3. This is very clever with the face and limbs and congo drum. Fun journal page! Welcome, Beo!

  4. Beo, er ist wunderbar, mit seinem Lächeln! He looks like he knows many things. I love the colors and textures here.

  5. Hi Beo, nice to have you with us. Your painting is very clever and lovely colours. Such an original idea to imagine what kind of instrument a tree would play. It took me a moment or two to see the face, and I love the arms busily drumming.

  6. Welcome Beo to our Theme Site
    Your very talented and your work is very nice. Please continue with us .

    Carol Ann

  7. I love that your tree would play music if it could!
    You have such an amazing imagination, Beo :D
    This is my first time here too, and it's lovely to see how welcoming everyone has been.
    Your elder tree's face is gorgeous.

  8. Interesting and imaginative scene - well done! Welcome, Beo. Everyone on here is so supportive and I love looking at all the different ideas and styles.

  9. I thank you so much for this welcome and your lines and thoughts to my drumming elder!
    AND: I would like to awnser everything and to comment all of YOUR wonderful paintings, drawings...
    but I have a family to care for and a full time job. And I need time for painting...
    I don't know how to manage all, but I will do my best :)
    Today I have written some comments to some of your pictures and I want you to know that I commented, when I felt to have to say something to it - which means that there were lots of paintings I loved but just found no words for it.
    Ciao Beo

  10. I say too welcome, you were so new here. First now I try read all the postings and comment. But it takes time, as you say too. Your painting is so beautiful, I like the blue and green colors you have used. I hope to see more of your paintings here!


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