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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music And Musicians Theme Carol Ann

To Those who do not know Justin Hines.
He has Larsen Syndrome where joints dislocate and becomes pretty painful.  Through it all  he never  gave  up longing to sing .

He also writes most of his music.   He has gone to University.

He now his married.

He has many  albums out.  I chose to sketch Justin Hines  today.

His  voice is golden and A Canadian Inspiration.

The artist did such a great illustration on the cover.
His one CD Album  I enjoy is   How we fly.

Songs on there are   =  If  Were Wrong

My Quiet hour

We the people.

Want an up  beat. Lay My Burdens Down

I believe some on Youtube one can listen free.

If so listen to the ones I have suggested.  I have everyone of his songs

The wheelchair  in back of him .  


  1. Carol Ann, I love the story of his determination to sing...good for him!!! Nice sketch.

  2. Carol Ann, this is a great drawing of him! He must be very inspiring. :)

  3. I have never heard of Justin Hines, but I shall look on You Tube to see if there is a video of him singing.
    You have done a very interesting sketch of him. What a person, singing through his pain to give pleasure to people who are not in pain. A young man to be admired.


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