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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Music and Musicians, Harpist by Joan Tavolott

My husband and I like traveling up to Cape Cod every now and then for vacations.
On one of our trips we were walking around in Provincetown, Massachusettes and passed this harpist playing in front of a music store on the main street. There were flowers all around her and it looked so nice I just had to take a photo of her. Odd that I didn't take a video of her too. lol


  1. Oh gosh, Joan, this is delightful! As in full of delight! Love the jumble of flowers behind her, and how you've done the strings of the harp, and the designs on the wood. She must have been quite a sight.

    1. Thanks Margaret. I love when I find something unexpected when I walk around.

  2. A wonderful painting Joan. The setting looks so lovely with the flowers and trees, and what a wonderful idea for the store to advertise in this way. I love harp music and it must have sounded very special.

    1. When we heard the music we expected that the music was being played from a recording through outside speakers. We didn't expect there to be a real harpist outside. Thanks so much.

  3. This is so beautiful, dreamy and inspiring...


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