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Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Music and Musicians Theme", "Young Musician", Lynn Cohen

I too had to pull an older drawing out of my stash to share a musician today for the new theme!
Hopefully, music will be in my life in one form or another soon so I can offer new art on the subject.

I am just catching up here as I am back from a wonderful week away in Portland, Oregon with stops in surrounding cities as well. Perfect family time (son, DIL, three grand kids); art supply shopping time; relaxing time, meeting a klassmate from Sketchbook Skool; and a long drive home of 600 miles all in one day. So today I regroup, look at every ones wonderful art, read and leave comments, rest up before heading back to work tomorrow. Cat Henry is happy to be home too from his home away from home in our absence.

I've added a letter some of you have seen before, to our side bar, as a gentle reminder of our group rules. Just really wanting every one to but their NAME, and the THEME in their title box (a title to your art if you want is nice too) and Theme and Your NAME in the label section. And a reminder of our copyright law rules too. Thanks for bearing with me in keeping us looking a bit uniform and orderly here.

I appreciate your contributions so very much and the camaraderie here is tops!


  1. Good sketch, Lynn. I saw your note that you were drawing in the dark. That made me smile because that is often the case when you sketch musicians or performers live. When I was in Ireland I always sketched in pencil in the pubs because I really couldn't tell where some of my lines were. lol That way I could correct them when I got back, and add color and ink.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful week away!!!

  2. Welcome back Lynn! I love this idea of drawing in the dark. And I always love your drawings of musicians. Can't wait to see more! (You'll have to get your husband to sing! :) )

  3. I love the sketch and the thought of you sketching in the dark. I did draw in the dark once on a holiday, and we went to listen to a singer in the hotel's lounge, but he noticed me drawing and liked the sketch. He asked if he could have it, and I couldn't refuse him.
    Nice to have you back, and it looks like this is going to be another very popular theme.


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