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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Music and Musicians, Girl with Guitar by Joan Tavolott

Last spring when I was in the city with the NYC Urban Sketchers we were in Central Park. 
I took a photo of this woman (and several other people) sitting on the edge of Bethesda Fountain playing music. Maybe I will do each of the musicians from the group.


  1. Perhaps it is the weather, but we don't see many open-air musicians around us.

    Lovely sketch, and just captured the pose perfectly.

  2. Jez, usually in NYC there are musicians playing somewhere in Central Park. Thanks.

  3. I seen tow outside people like this.

    One in Halifax. He was a three man entertainer. He carried a drum on his back and he had a banjo and another instrument. He played at the water front of Halifax. I had never seen anything of this sort. I did take a picture of him.

    Another group of people in Kingston, Ontario an small group of Musicians with piccolo's and other brass instruments playing. On the main side walk.

    I took pictures but to draw them. Not sure I could. I do have difficult with hands and fingers as a beginner. Maybe later.

    I like this picture beautifully done Joan.

  4. She seems to be very relaxed playing on her guitarre. And I loked once and again how you had drawn her with watercolours. I think there is much I can learn just watching it. Thanks.
    ciao Beate


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